CVC Staff


Dwight Yochim

Executive Director

Dwight comes to us with over 30 years of diversified management experience, working with government, communities, professional associations, non-profit organizations and in academia. Some of his areas of expertise include: working with and for boards and committees, strategic planning and implementation, organizational policy, industry association-building, media relations, communications, development of volunteer organizations, and financial management.

Cheryl Galandie

Manager of Volunteers

Mental & Public Health Programs

Cheryl has 15 years’ experience engaging volunteers, with the past 9 being focused in the Tri-Cities through Community Volunteer Connections. She is located on the Riverview grounds serving a 64 bed facility with Fraser Health building relationships with clients and volunteers. Her special skill is thinking outside the box and providing a welcoming environment for healthy relationships to prosper.


Cheryl is also responsible for engaging volunteers for the public health clinic, providing volunteers an opportunity to work with the nurses and families weighing and measuring children prior to their immunizations. This program provides a great opportunity for high school students to get involved.

Lynn Heinrich

CVC Flying Squad Coordinator

Lynn has been part of the volunteer centre’s CVC team for over 10 years; serving the Tri-Cities and New West in all aspects of non-profit and volunteer management.  

She continues to build our communities by supporting Non-profits with professional support and development.

Through the Flying Squad volunteer program she is fortunate to be connecting people of all ages; to meaningful volunteering in their surrounding communities, by helping events, galas and fundraisers.  

Since 2007 she has been a Member of AVRBC (Administrators of Volunteer Resources British Columbia) and CAVR (Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada).

Joanne Towe

Volunteer Integration Program Coordinator

Joanne has been part of Community Volunteer Connections (CVC) for over 10 years; working with individuals who have Intellectual Disabilities since 1989.
For her, venturing into the non-profit sector gives a new meaning to the word community, and managing the Volunteer Integration Program for individuals who have Intellectual Disabilities has been a very rewarding experience.  
Since 2007 Joanne has been a member of AVRBC (Administrators of Volunteer Resources British Columbia) and CAVR (Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada).


CVC Board


Teri Towner

Desiree Henke

Yun Chung (Adam) Lee

Kristine Dixon

Leo Kiu

Melanie Lietuvinikas

Acting Chair



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