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Her Quest in Life Led to Unique Volunteer Experience

Posted May 02, 2013 by Stacy Ashton

As a university student, the same question runs through my mind everyday “What do I want to do when I grow up?” 

Like many, I remain unsure so to clear my thoughts I decided that volunteering in a sector that best suits my interest would help towards choosing my career.

It is often suggested that volunteering is valuable, as you will enjoy the fulfillment of giving to the community, while gaining experience.  Taking initiative to find a volunteering opportunity that is right for me, I made a few phone calls and sent a few emails and within a couple days, I made a commitment to volunteering at the Newport Youth Clinic in Port Moody, British Columbia as a Public Health Nurse assistant.

    Jessica Kolec 

A typical day volunteering at the youth clinic consists of setting up and monitoring the well-being of the clinic environment, building rapport with youths, and assisting with office duties.

Communicating with youth, and health care staff at the youth clinic and receiving positive feedback, I have gained a sense of value.  Meeting new people, re-uniting with past patients, and having the satisfaction that I am making a difference, has made me very content volunteering at the youth clinic. 

The most rewarding experience that I have gained so far is receiving a simple “thank you”, “ it was great talking to you” and “see you next time” delivered by patients and health care staff.  Comments like these have built my self-esteem and interpersonal and communication skills. Now I look forward to going in to the youth clinic.

In addition to my positive experience of gaining self-respect and participating as an active member of the community, I am able to act as a role model as others often ask where they can gain an experience like mine. Although volunteering is unpaid work, my advice to others is to research and select something that meets your best interest, and go out and take the advantage of volunteering!

Written by Jessica Kolec.



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