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Why I continue to volunteer

Posted Jul 24, 2013 by Stacy Ashton

There’s only 24 hours in a day and I am one of those people who pretty much utilizes most of the hours in a day. Between a full-time job, school and my summer internship here at CVC, I still manage to find the time to volunteer. Since I started volunteering in my university days, I found that 1.) You have to be interested in the work you are assigned to 2.) You have to believe in the mission of the organization you are volunteering for and 3.) You have to really be invested in the organization’s causes.

In 2012, I started volunteering for the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC/BC) as part of the student services committee. As a student (possibly a forever student!), I had a vested interest in making sure that our needs would be addressed by the association so I decided to volunteer for them. As part of the student services committee, my task was to organize events that students will be interested in. It was easy to come up with the event ideas, but to make these events happen was indeed a challenge. Despite the challenges, I enjoyed the volunteer work tremendously because it benefitted me as well. This year, I still plan to volunteer for IABC. Although there are a lot of other committees within the association, I plan to remain as member of student services because this is where I need my voice heard and my skills will be most useful.


So if you’re considering volunteering, make sure it is for something that you really want. You will find that the passion for your work and the organization will come naturally. You will realize that you want to make the time for volunteering instead of needing to make time for it. As I’ve learned, when you truly support the organization and its causes, you become a more valuable volunteer. And the more time I spend time with volunteers here at CVC, the more I realize how true my observation is. 

Anna Santiago is this year’s recipient of IABC/BC's New Volunteer of the Year.



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