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Volunteering and the Seasonal Spirit: 2013 Edition

Posted Dec 19, 2013 by Stacy Ashton

Although many people make their holiday volunteering plans way in advance, there are still some great ways to make a difference at the last minute.

My personal favourite Christmas volunteer experiences is Operation Red Nose!

Operation Red Nose saves lives and keeps the holidays merry for revellers throughout the Tri-Cities and New Westminster.  Your mission, if you care to accept it, is to drive drunk folks home from all kinds of local bars and house parties.  Drunk people are very funny, and always unpredictable, so this can be a source of stories that you can tell for years.  

You drive in teams of three:  one of you drives the drunk person's car and two ride in the team car with the drunk person.  That keeps everyone safe, and makes it even more fun.  Operation Red Nose is on the call until December 31.

To sign up in the TriCities/New Westminster area, download this handy form and follow the directions!  

Operation Red Nose Volunteer Application

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