Mystery Volunteers!

Our goal is to help organizations see what is and isn’t working when interested volunteers contact them.  

Our trained Mystery Volunteers work just like Mystery Shoppers: an organization knows a Mystery Volunteer will be contacting them but won’t know who or when.  Once contact has been made, our Mystery Volunteers report on response times, response quality and how much the response made them feel more or less excited to volunteer for the organization.  

To get your very own Mystery Volunteer or for more information, contact Community Volunteer Connections at or call Stacy Ashton at: 604-529-5118.    

The Report!

Our Mystery Volunteer Pilot Project was launched August 2014, after some amazing support from PM-Volunteer Peter Gordon.  

For more info about Peter, click HERE

Our Pilot Project told us a lot about how people assess potential volunteer opportunities. Read all about it in the:

Pilot Report

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