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  • Posted Jan 24, 2013 by Vanessa Lo

    Fundraising for a THRIVE-ing Volunteer Program

    Our latest AVRBC Speakers Series featured the expertise of AVRBC member Heather Fleming and partner Melanie Crombie, co-owners of the Thrive! Resilient Community Services consulting firm.
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  • Posted Nov 29, 2012 by Brian Oentoro

    The logic of Logic Models and what they can do for your Volunteer Program

    Back in May the amazing Lindsay Baker, Manager of Volunteer Services at the Vancouver Aquarium, ran a workshop on “Evaluating Your Volunteer Program.” And I wrote the most awesome notes, and had the greatest blog post ever planned, and then I lost my notes. And then I found them. And then I misplaced them again.
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  • Posted Nov 27, 2012 by Brian Oentoro

    Your Guide to Christmas Volunteering and Donating: 2013 Edition

    Whether it’s volunteering time, donating money, or offering toys and food items for charitable causes, there are plenty of great ways to make a meaningful contribution this holiday season. And CVC is here to help with the 2013 Edition of Your Guide to Christmas Volunteering. Sign up soon, or these volunteer jobs will be taken!
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  • Posted May 14, 2012 by Stacy Ashton

    Organizational Commitment: Organizational Behaviour Theory & Successful Volunteer Programs

    A few years ago, Charlene Dishaw decided to take an Organizational Behaviour course at SFU. Learning alongside managers and executives from the business world, Charlene was struck by how the techniques that supported excellence in for-profit organizations could be adopted in volunteer management. Find out more!
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  • Posted May 03, 2012 by Brian Oentoro

    Creating Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in Volunteers

    After over 10 years working in the field of Volunteer Management I was having a “heard that, seen them,” feeling. I was looking for education that would elevate my work another level. The Vancouver Board of Trade brought in the Disney Leadership workshop and my passion for working with people was renewed. What did it for me? The thrill of hearing what big business has the time and money to research. And the research can be directly applied to our sector. Since that workshop I have attended speakers who spoke to marketing and future planning, read dozens of books and taken a course at SFU on Organizational Behaviour.
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