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  • Posted Feb 23, 2012 by Brian Oentoro

    Are you LinkedIn? (By Natalie)

    I was sitting at the dinner table with my family, and I was telling my parents about connections on LinkedIn, and how this could be helpful for me in the future. I looked at them to gauge their reaction only to see my parents looking at one another as if to ask ‘Do you know what she is talking about?’
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  • Posted Jan 23, 2012 by Stacy Ashton

    True Colours for Managers of Volunteers

    Carol Dixon, Director of Volunteer Resources (and Retail) for the Providence Health Care, oversees the management of volunteers at seven health care facilities in Vancouver. In her job knowing how different people do their best work is key to success - and to sanity.
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  • Posted Jan 17, 2012 by Stacy Ashton

    Group Interviews: More Screening, Less Time

    Carmen Bressanutti is Coordinator of Volunteer Resources at Eagle Ridge Hospital. VolunTEEN is her main focus, with up to 75 sixteen- to eighteen-year-olds providing companionship and dining assistance to Eagle Ridge Hospital patients and residents at the Eagle Ridge Manor. When Carmen heard about a colleague doing Group Interviews, she was intrigued!
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  • Posted Nov 29, 2011 by Stacy Ashton

    Volunteer Interviews That Engage

    Beth Couglar Blom of Volunteer Victoria and AVRBC South Island runs on the motto "do what you love". Her second motto is "be strategic." She brings these mottos to her philosophy on volunteer engagement. How can you find out what people love, and find ways to get them into positions in your organization where they get to love what they are doing?
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  • Posted Nov 04, 2011 by Stacy Ashton

    Thank you, Managers of Volunteers (Herders of Cats?)!

    November 5 is International Manager of Volunteers Day. Today always gets me thinking about the amazing skill and energy that goes into managing volunteers. It's a bit like herding cats...
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