Surrey Crime Prevention Society

Policing/Law/Justice System
15 12484 82nd Avenue, Surrey, BC
Engages 300 volunteers and counting

Mission Statement

Surrey Crime Prevention Society takes a 360° holistic approach to community safety through programs delivered by our trained and dedicated volunteers. Surrey Crime Prevention is committed to supporting community safety and public awareness programs through our dedicated and qualified volunteers while aligning with the goals of our community partners.

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What volunteers have to say ...

""At Surrey Crime Prevention, I have developed so many skills that I know will be extremely useful in the future. During my involvement with this organization I have learned 10-codes, phonetic alphabets, note taking, radio communication, risk assessment, and much more. By completing further training "

Additional Info

SCPS has been recognized for its contributions to the community. Some of the awards include: - Cultural Diversity Award for Business - Federal, Provincial and Municipal awards for Community Service - Arnold Silzer Community Policing Award for Mobile Patrol Team - Canadian Criminal Justice Award Community safety is everyone's responsibility. Surrey Crime Prevention Society is committed to enhancing the experiences of those who live, work and play in the City of Surrey. Our dedicated volunteers support our programs including community events, neighborhood and local Community Safety Volunteer Tours, and public awareness and education campaigns. SCPS also offer sour volunteers the opportunity to participate in on-going certifiable training events including ICBC Speed Watch Training, Can Bike Training and Wire and Metal Theft Awareness Training. By joining SCPS, you will be part of a community group that is committed to our city being the best place to live in BC.

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