Rett Syndrome Society of British Columbia

Disabilities - Physical
3223 Raleigh Street, Port Coquitlam, BC
Engages 10 volunteers and counting

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support, educate, and empower those that live with Rett Syndrome and their families. Also to aid financially in research aimed at finding a cure for Rett Syndrome.

How can I help?

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What volunteers have to say ...

"1) RSSBC is a rewarding society to work with. 2) It feels great to give back to my community by volunteering with the RSSBC organization. 3) After growing up with a sister diagnosed with Rett Syndrome I knew I had to give my time freely to those that needed it most."

Additional Info

The Rett Syndrome Society of British Columbia (R.S.S.B.C) is a volunteer, non-profit charity for parents, caregivers, researchers, medical professionals and other interested support agencies and individuals. R.S.S.B.C. became incorporated in 2013. The Board of Directors is comprised of parents and caring citizens. R.S.S.B.C. provides information through a website, newsletters and emails. The society helps fund Canadian research projects and advocates to the needs of individuals with Rett Syndrome and their families in the province of BC.

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