Frontier College - Literacy, Numeracy Tutors

1001 Cotton Drive, Vancouver, BC
Engages 50 volunteers and counting

Mission Statement

As Canada's original literacy organization, Frontier College has been recruiting dedicated volunteers to work with Canadian children, youth and adults from all over Canada since 1899. Our history is rich with stories of Labourer-Teachers working alongside their fellow labourers in mines, lumber camps, railway camps and other remote locations. These Labourer-Teachers worked day and night to help Canada's first newcomers adjust to this wonderful country. Since then, our programs have helped millions of Canadians improve their literacy skills. In the lower mainland, Frontier College works with Children, Youth and Adults to help them with their literacy and numeracy skills. Please visit for more details about our programs that need you as a tutor! Contact us at 604-713-5848 or by email for application information.

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