UNIBUG Project

700 Royal Ave, New Westminster, BC
Engages 50 volunteers and counting

Mission Statement

The Institute of Urban Ecology (IUE) at Douglas College is currently undertaking its User Network for Insect Biology in the Urban Garden (UNIBUG) project, which began in 2010. UNIBUG aims to engage and connect community volunteers in learning about the ecology of urban gardens, with a particular focus on beneficial garden insects. UNIBUG is suitable for all ages and people of all backgrounds - there is no need for any formal science training - and hopes to create a warm, welcoming community working together to learn a little bit more about their world. Going on its sixth season, our project focuses on managing habitat for beneficial insect in urban gardens, including pest-eating predators and a variety of pollinators. Volunteers have a chance to learn about urban garden ecology and management while contributing to scientific studies and meeting others (and having a good time). Some activities may be done alone or in groups as chosen by the individual, some are big everyone's-invited type events. Each volunteer gets to choose what activities they want to participate in and how much they're able to contribute. All that's required is access to some sort of garden/natural space and curiosity. We're also happy to work with community gardens, garden clubs, schools, or other interested organizations.

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