UBC Life Sciences Circle

2329 West Mall, Vancouver , BC

Mission Statement

Our mission is to plant a seedling of inspiration in the minds of prospective students for the life sciences! UBC Life Sciences Circle is an outreach program for high school students. We offer free events to all high school students who are interested in pursuing life sciences. Our sessions usually consist of a lecture given by a guest lecturer about a topic of their interest. Then we will proceed to further explore this topic either by visiting a lab, doing problem solving activities and discussions. There will be an opportunity for students to mingle with UBC students and ask questions about life science programs/courses, along with general inquiries about university life.

How can I help?

Contact UBC Life Sciences Circle using one of the available methods above to see how you can help.

What volunteers have to say ...

"Being part of the UBC Life Sciences Circle allowed me form part a unique group of unique people with whom I can share and develop my interests in the Sciences. As an ambassador, I was able to enrich this community by luring passionate students from my high school, and as a result, they explored"

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